This is the page for the external audience/product exam. I would like to focus on glee's marketing campaign. Have a read, add any other articles you might find or any thoughts you might have.

גלי עונה 5 לצפייה ישירה GLEE
For this, we could look at the implications of new marketing strategies for other media products on Television. We need to research if any other products have subsequently used this method of promotion - 'creating the hype' via social networking sites and other ways of exposing their stars to the public consciousness - I'm sure it will become commonplace if not already (facebook sites for most tv shows now...)
We need to find specific details about placement (scheduling) of Glee in NZ to see how it is marketed. A TV3 programmer says the network delayed screening until after end of American Idol (TV2) and to follow American's top model (TV3) - to capture audience of that product - be good to see if we can get some actual information about this